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Watch me.


Getting dressed with Five Four Club – November Edition

I have been a little skeptical about the subscription based services that have popped up in the last couple of years — but there was something different about Five Four Club. And this post is not a sponsored post. These are my words, thoughts. First, I must say that their social media advertising was following…

Things I love to do

Part of growing personally and professionally, I want to identify the things that I love to do. It’s also another great way for you to get to know me. Keeping in mind that this list is not everything, because I probably have forgotten a ton of them. Here are some things that I like to…

Why is it so important to achieve my dreams?

I started 2016 with a purpose to grow personally and professionally. I am still fighting the inner demons that are telling that I am not good enough and that no one wants to hear my story. I have come to the point where I need to evaluate and think about “why is it so important to achieve my dreams?”

What do I stand FOR?

somethings that I stand for, I live for — as I continue this year getting to know myself and sharing it with you all. I thought it would be fun to share.

Who Am I? A Deeper Look

Who is Patrick? Revisted, in-depth. When I first started this blog, I gave a brief little summary of who I was and the purpose of the blog was. And, I just lightly gave details and I think that I gave you enough to get by and call it a post to get me started.  It…