Getting social in person at Social Media Day Phoenix | #SMDayPHX

The best thing about being involved in social media is that you connect with all kinds of people from different fields, backgrounds, and many other things. Sometimes, you get to meet those people in real life situations like Social Media Day Phoenix.

When is Social Media Day?

According to Mashable, “every day is Social Media Day” but 2017 marked the eighth annual day to celebrate to “official global celebration” of being able to connect with people of different “cultures, social movements, and super-fandom.”


In year’s past, I had either had other things planned or was just plain nervous & didn’t go to the event. This year, I put on my big boy pants after a little nudge from Vincent Orleck of BRANDish Social.

Who attends Social Media Day?

There seems to be an abundance of social media marketers, but the day doesn’t leave out those that want to learn more about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and all those things similar.


To attend the event this year, it was free for the creative presentations & information sessions. It did cost a little bit, but not much, to go to the social media day session at the Arizona Diamondbacks game + information session with all of the social media managers from most of the Arizona teams.

What did I learn at Social Media Day?

I learned so much that the wheels in my brain kept spinning, by the time lunch time came I felt like I wanted to go back to the office and start trying the new things I learned out. Let me take you through the Social Media Day Phoenix, as I experienced it.

But first, let’s take a GIF selfie!


When you first get there, you are welcomed by a great smile, asked your name and get a name badge. After that, I was drawn to TheMisGIF photobooth. With the emoji shirt I was wearing, I could not pass this up! It was an awesome and flawless experience. It was sent right to my phone with a short link to share all over the place. I mean this was a global day, Social Media Day! I had to share right away!

Coffee! Good of the soul and kick-starts the day!

Shortly after that, I had to continue the hype and got some coffee from the mobile coffee shop of Luana’s Coffee Yard. I had the delicious Raspberry Iced Latte and an oatmeal/cranberry cookie. So good!


Oh… what I learned?! Right! Get there.

Sorry, I got distracted — and I am trying to give you the low down of what I experienced, including the food. Food, coffee — very important. Again, there I go. Let’s move forward, shall we?

The event was hosted at Galvanize, a co-working space as well an education space, in Downtown Phoenix. It’s not too far from Chase Field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play, in the new Warehouse District that is doing a tech turnover. It’s amazing and house in an old produce warehouse — has character and some modern touches to it.

Opening Keynote: Art of Storytelling

The opening keynote was given by Shawn Pfunder, the professional storyteller from GoDaddy.

Shawn was a good storyteller and great open keynote speaker. One of the things that really stuck with me was that he said: “once you know the template, it’s easier to tell the story.”

Some other takeaways from the opening keynote:

Strong Website, Strong Lead Generation

Chris Lee with PurpleCRM was great at explaining the difference between a brochure website and one that solves problems for your potential clients, as well as creating micro moments so that you are shoving “pay here,” “buy this” in their faces.

Here are some of the tweet/notes/takeaways:

Content is Queen, but make sure the presentation is engaging

That was not the name of the session with Kelly Loubet Singh of BRANDish Social. Learned about the different types of content, some tools that she prefers and some other resources.

Here are my tweets/notes/takeaways:

I didn’t even think to use Trello for managing content for myself or a client. Such a great idea.

Here’s an idea I got during Kelly’s presentation. Inspired by her, let’s say.

SELFIE! with Crafty Chica!

Was complimented on my emoji shirt and had to get a selfie with Crafty Chica!

There’s so much to share! Hang in there!

Marrying Digital & Social! That’s hot!

I didn’t catch all the fun that I had during lunch as I was trying to decide what to eat for lunch and connecting with people in different food truck lines. Each had good food, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted.

After that drama of lunch decisions, I joined the session of “Why You Need to Pair Digital with Social” with Adrian Vender of

I also decided after lunch to use my EyePlay Design business Twitter account to spread to the love to my account that I need to show a little more love to.

Here are some takeaways/tweets/notes from Adrian’s presentation:

An idea from that was inspired during this presentation:

Then closed out the day with a small business panel featuring: Downtown Phoenix, The MisGIF, Martin Jones – Media Genius of Small Business with Cox Media, and Brad Speck, Realtor.

Here are some takeaways from the panel:

Selfies… yes, more selfies!

Big takeaways from the day:

Big thank you to BRANDish Social Media Marketing LLC & everyone for a great day!

I hope that this post wasn’t too long. I just wanted to share a lot of the awesome things that happened at Social Media Day Phoenix. And I hope to see you there next year!

P.S. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 🙂 


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