Getting dressed with Five Four Club – November Edition


I have been a little skeptical about the subscription based services that have popped up in the last couple of years — but there was something different about Five Four Club. And this post is not a sponsored post. These are my words, thoughts.

First, I must say that their social media advertising was following me everywhere. Some ads on Facebook, Twitter. Then I started following them on the different platforms that they are on. I was falling for the brand. Then one week they were running a special for $30 for the first order and $60 thereafter. I was totally influenced by their marketing efforts. You can get $30 off your first order using my referral link at the end of this post.



I like the clothing and for $60 a month, it was awesome. Save time and money — because I can shop and buy more than I need. This is a nice way to stay in budget and since then has been a great way to avoid jumping for spontaneous shopping sprees — and that harsh regretful feeling of an empty wallet and bank account. And the clothes are great quality.

This month was a collaboration with fashion designer, Mark McNairy. When looking at his website, this month’s delivery was totally worth it.

Here’s what I got this month:

Mark McNairy Heathrow Button Down


Mark McNairy Aspen Shawl Cardigan


I am not a fashion blogger, but maybe next time I will take a photo with the next month’s delivery to add to the post.

Interested in joining Five Four Club? Click here to use my referral link or go here:


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