Networking, getting social at AZIMA’s Augmented & Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Interactive Marketing event

Image credit: Arizona Interactive Marketing Association

I should have written this right after it happened on Thursday, but last week was a bit busier than usual so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write anything.

First, I have to say that it was great returning to the monthly Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s networking event. This month’s topic was Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Interactive Marketing.

Networking! This time around I reconnected with Raj from Naamly, a startup for looking to connect personal brands and entrepreneurs with consumers, businesses. It was also great connecting with Joseph Garcia, SEO Analyst/Specialist, to catch up and talk about the possibilities of VR and learn more about Naamly.

Here are some tweets from the event (with commentary from me in between):

The link to register probably doesn’t work anymore. It was definitely awesome to take home a pair of VR goggles from Republic Media, USA Today Network.

If you couldn’t tell I was so stoked! I was ready!

Snapshot from my seat! Really not necessary, but I invite you in for the experience. Too bad, I didn’t take it a 360-degree photo.

The show that they are currently running on the USA Today app is Virtually There. I tried it once I got home. It was a fun little ditty of experiences like seeing the Burning Man event.

It’s a great way to tell the story and let someone live it, possibly, through the eyes of someone else. Literally, being in someone else’s shoes.

At the end of the night, it was great talking about virtual reality — the experimental space and beyond. I can’t wait for the next AZIMA event. If you’re interested in being a member and joining the events, go to

Tell me more! What are some ideas, suggestion on how to use virtual reality in digital marketing and more? Tell me in the comments below.


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