Make one change to Instagram, manage all your accounts

It seemed like a tidal wave one day while I was at work and I saw all these people tweeting about it, posting it on Facebook, some even going live with it on livestreaming. In the last week or so, I got so excited as the one change that I feel like I have been waiting on since I have started using Instagram has finally arrived — managing multiple accounts, up to 5 accounts.

Previously, if you had more than one Instagram account, you had to sign out of the account you were in and sign into the other. Then to go back you had to sign out and then sign back into that account.

So when I saw the wave… I got excited.

At first, I couldn’t seem to get the update — not sure what that was about you know how devices have a mind of their own sometime. As I was leaving work, I noticed that it was there! The update had arrived. Sound the trumpets and let’s add accounts.

I created a little bit of a step-by-step cause I was so excited. At the end, I will let you know what I think of the feature. To make sure you can do this, make sure that you have Instagram version 7.15 or later. Check the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Here are some visuals and some steps that I took to add my photography Instagram for Respectfully Yours Photography, @respectfullyyoursphoto on Instagram, to my personal brand Instagram, @getsocialwithpatrick:

Start adding your other accounts by clicking the gear on the right corner of your profile page.
After clicking the gear, then scroll then down to the bottom and click on ‘Add Account.’
The Instagram login will come up after you tap, ‘Add Account.’ You sign in with your other account and then it will switch over to the account you logged into. Once it has been added will see an arrow by your Insta-name, where you access your other accounts by tapping it.
You can also access the account from the Insta-feed by holding down the button to your profile page and this will appear. (You should follow my friend Al, @chefracer, he post taste food on his Instagram.)

My review of this feature

I like the feature because I know that I am not alone when it comes to this subject because I get asked all the time, “is there a way to manage more than one more Instagram account, like on the Twitter app?” I think it is the great problem solver that have different accounts for a variety of reasons, business, hobbies and more. I LOVE not having to sign in and sign out if I need to go to a different account.

Another thing that awesome is that when alerts come for different accounts, it will say: [account name]: @getsocialwithpatrick commented on your post, so you know which one of your accounts received the comment, like, direct message. When you tap it, it easily alerts you what account you are switching to and takes you to that alert. Wonderful! Wonderful!

I have been having one little bit of an issue that when I tap on an alert, it goes to the page that I am going to twice when it comes to comments or likes. So to get back to a screen I have to go back twice.

Other than that, now that this has happened. I am not sure what else I think is needed. But overall, I love this feature and it is amazing. I have heard that we might be able to see video views soon on Instagram, for some this might be an ah-mazing KPI or just cool to see in general.

If you want you can follow me on Instagram – @getsocialwithpatrick. You can follow my other accounts, @respectfullyyoursphoto & @eyeplaydesign.

Have you tried this new feature? How do you like it?


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