New #iOS update includes more than 150 #emoji! #AppleJunkie


The last bit of October just seems to have gotten me so excited because of all the new advancements in the technology that we use every day. I have already told you about how excited I was about Twitter getting the new poll feature, but now I am excited about EMOJIS!!

With the latest update on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone there are brand new emojis that I am just waiting anxiously to put in a text or use on SnapChat (patrick.jervis).

To get the latest update (with new emojis) to your iOS device by going to the Settings then tap General then tap Software Update.

When you are done with the update send me a tweet on Twitter (@pjervis) or snap on SnapChat with one… or we might get stuck in a emoji conversation! Ha ha!

PS. If you didn’t know, I am a big fan of emojis. Want the shirt? Here’s the link.



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