#MotivationMonday: Working on Confidence


You ever sit and think — what if I am not good enough? What if I can’t do? What do I do next? What makes me different from the rest?

As I dive deeper into this journey of social media and learning about the tools, apps available and connect with people on various networks, I notice something that I never noticed before. I realized that I might be secure and confident with the things that I knew before and the things I was starting to learn. What I didn’t know is that I wasn’t really confident in displaying or telling people what I knew. I wasn’t confident and telling people what I know.

What does that make me? Human.

As cliche as it is, we all have these characteristics of “self-doubt” and “fear.” And some time their friend “insecurity” decides to show up and take over the whole party. Last time I checked, I didn’t invite these characters to my party.

It’s easier said than done to get rid of them. They get clingy and it’s easy to let them hang around.

Take a moment every moment and tell yourself what you want to hear from others. Learn to accept you for you and be who you want to be. It has taken me a little bit to get here, but I think I am getting better and growing my confidence. If you don’t have a problem with this, I applaud you and encourage you to help (not force) others to find their inner beauty and confidence about themselves.

Remember that it’s not anyone else’s life to live! Make a difference. Show the world what you can do. Show them what’s next! Show them what makes you the incredible person that you are.


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  1. Alfred Lua says:

    Hey, Patrick! Thanks for writing this! This is something I have been thinking about (or struggling with?). Always having that bit of imposter feeling 😬 so thanks for the gentle reminder!

    1. Hey, Alfred. Thanks for checking out my post. I think it’s that most people deal with. You’re pretty awesome, keep it up.

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