Overwhelmed, but grateful


Often I hear “when it rains it pours.” The saying couldn’t be a “rain” true at this present time more than any. I have been going through some personal issues, feeling a little overwhelmed by my work. Sometime, when I stop I think that I am feeling like the world is on my shoulders.

When looking for inspirational quotes for today, I came across this quote that made me think of all the things and people in my life that I probably need to take the time to be thankful and feeling a little more grateful for having them. I don’t just mean material things. I mean having a job, being able to have a family, survivors and being able to breathe in the morning and being inspired. Shit, the creative thoughts that I get that inspire things like this blog.

I am truly grateful for those of you that share your thoughts, your inspirations and help me get along my way. It’s so great to have you. I am truly thankful for my parents, family, friends that support me as well. So many things to be thankful for, no matter how overwhelming life gets we all need to take a moment for ourselves and realize how blessed we are. Don’t just focus on the material things. Think of all the small things that you take for granted. It’s amazing.

What are some of the ‘little things’ are you grateful for?


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