My first video ever on #YouTube ▶️, but I cheated (sort of..) ☜

I would like to start this post saying that I was extremely weirded out by putting my face on a live stream — Periscope, Meerkat or any of that. I will have to tell you about what I learned from Vincenzo Landino’s FREE Steam in 15 course. (Give it a shot.. it’s worth it.)

One of our suggested streams was to go behind the scenes and show what we do. So I decided to share part of my day as Social Media & Brand Manager at the East Valley Institute of Technology, because it is awesome & I love to show off the radio station. I am not sure of how many high school students get to work at their own radio station.

Today was Teacher Tuesday at the EVIT radio station, The Pulse. It was great and I didn’t really talk except for the beginning and the end. It was a great time.

Here’s the sound clip of what you just saw:

So after the behind-the-scenes “scope,” you have the option to save your post to your phone. I almost started to freak out because I was trying to save it. I was starting to feel all sad inside because it said that it couldn’t save the video. And I gave it a little bit of time and tried it again. I cried a little on the inside but decided to double check and there it was. The phone, I don’t really blame the app, was trying to play me.

After I figured out the video was on my phone, I put it on YouTube and there it was.. my first YouTube video. Not my first YouTube video ever-ever-ever-ever, but on my own channel and there it was! I was so excited. I am totally not an expert at this but I know someone that is amazing at YouTube — Amy SchmittauerAnd it’s probably a more than grand idea that you subscribe to the YouTube channel.

So, the lessons learned here:

  • I totally am fine with showing the world seeing my double chin as I walk and need to work on better camera angles.
  • Learn to be yourself (in my case, double chins and all… flaws and all.)
  • Give a behind the scenes look of what you are doing for your audience. They don’t want to see a talking head all the time.
  • If you are afraid of scoping and need some direction, get some awesome direction from Vincenzo’s #StreamIn15 course and you can’t beat that. Trust me, you don’t jump right into it. It’s like a daily challenge almost. I enjoyed it.
  • Sometime your phone will lie and say that it can’t save your stream. (Oh yeah, but I still love my phone — weird. I know. Just got creepy.. LOL)
  •  You can save your streams and upload them to YouTube or save them for later. You might want to include them in your future videos or presentations. I don’t know what you want to do with them.

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