GSWP gets a new layout and I added some things… like #socialmedia buttons?!


So it had been awhile since I had changed the layout of my blog, Get Social With Patrick, and I was getting bored with it. What does one do with it? Well, I changed it. Since this is a free blog setup on WordPress — I looked through all of the layouts I liked and deciding if I wanted to pay for one or now. In the end, I picked a free one.

While updating the bits and pieces, I realized that I was missing something and I couldn’t figure it out. So I decided that this time I would add a twitter feed and make sure to update my social media buttons. I put the twitter feed on the page. Awesome.

So this is the part, where I feel like the people from the V8 commercials would be coming out and smacking me on the head and saying “you should have had a V8!” I looked around and even went to look at screen shots that I had of the website and realized that there were no social buttons on my blog. EVER! WHHHHHATTTT?

I am not sure what I was thinking or overlooking there because I am always telling people to put these buttons on their websites and how important they are. Wow! I still can’t believe that I went a whole year or more without social media icons on here. They are on their now and I will make sure they are always there. Ha ha!

So, lesson learned from this venture: 

  • It’s okay to switch up the look of your blog or site. Make sure that it’s user friendly.
  • If using a blog service, pick one that works for you and your audience. Then decide if you want to pay for the layout or get one that may be similar and free.
  • Add social feeds to your website or blog, if they work with the layout.
  • Most important lesson learned from this venture, make sure that your social network icons are on your site so that people can connect with you. You might be missing a chance for people to connect with you.

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