A #VideoSelfie & what I learned from @Schmittastic of @SavvySexySocial #AZIMAEvents

Yesterday, I attended one of the monthly AZIMA event about on how to deliver video content and had the pleasure of meeting some great individuals along with Savvy Sexy Social’s Amy Schmittauer, as well as get a great information from her presentation. Since it was a video content prezi it only made sense to do a video selfie after the presentation.

Okay, okay! You want to learn more about posting videos for your personal or professional brand! Here are some brief things that I learned and I hope that I don’t mess it up! (😅😨😓!) I am not going to give the whole presentation away or anything but the presentation got some wheels turning. I, also, encourage you to subscribe to her YouTube channel and watch all the videos. I am a fan of binge watching. Also, if you have the opportunity to see her at a speaking engagement — attend.

Create an editorial schedule and plan out what you want to talk about. Take a moment to decide on the subjects that you want to be cover. You will be covering interests/subjects as they relate to your brand for your customer, audience members. Amy suggested getting frequently asked questions from your customers, your audience. Chose a question and clearly answer it. Make sure that you have a goal in mind and know your audience, so that you are offering some of value to them. How will your product or service make their life better?

Importantly, make sure that you are human about your approach — realize that there are people on the other end of that camera. The videos are probably better organic and unscripted, in my opinion. You aren’t posting the video just for it to go out into cyberspace.

While keeping in mind you are being human, be sure to remain upbeat and fun. Keep your videos between 2-5 minutes, five minutes being the max. At the end of the video, be sure to close and include your call to action — read more here, view products here, etc. 

Get Social With Patrick Vlog?

I started thinking maybe instead of doing a post sometime, I will post a video or do both. Not sure. It gives me an overwhelming nervousness, but it’s definitely worth a shot. In fact, Amy has a section on channel about starting a vlog. WATCH OUT! Ha ha… after a year of doing this blog — it might get intense. 😅


I have been attending Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) monthly mixers and such for about a year. It’s a great opportunity to network and meet some people in your industry as well as getting a great presentation about how to improve content or different ways of thinking about things. You should join!


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  1. Love it! Thanks Patrick! It was great to meet you!

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