Being Mr. Roboto is a “no no” and how it’s destroying your social media

You read about all the doubts and fears that I was facing about getting back to posting. Today was an interesting experience and it focused around something that I didn’t realize was happening to me — I am turning into a robot. It seems bizarre, but let me explain it to you before you run off and report me to the authorities.

This morning saw and read this Instagram post by Mike Gonzalez (@therealgonz):

He talked about how personal read everything and when he felt he wanted to share the content he would put a message that expressed why he was sharing it, what he was thinking. It clicked for me — I had stopped doing that and need to get back to being human with my social media.In recent months, I’ve gotten busy and thought that I needed to focus on pushing content. I had lost the engagement and being able to give content to people that could relate to it. Guilty, some of the content that I was pushing I hadn’t read completely.

Mike, who is the co-founder of the social media marketing agency, told me that he had fallen into this cycle of being “not-so-human” after I had let him know that I was feeling. He found that he “typically ignored other sharing robots so others must be ignoring” his post. “When I switched to manual sharing, my confidence in sharing skyrocketed..” He goes on to say that his engagement rates have been rising ever since.

Thanks to Mike I got a spark of inspiration today and wanted to focus on how I could post on social today with a human touch. It even inspired this post. I have been writing out titles and some “eh” post this week and they will probably be in my drafts until I either figure what to do with them or delete them because they are almost too robotic.

SOOO… Remember when you are sharing information amongst your friends, colleagues to remember to stay true and share content that they are going to want to share or engage in as well. Don’t just push the content out. *Beep bo beep*


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    1. Thanks for re-posting this blog post. I appreciate it. What did you think of the post?

  1. sonniq says:

    Well said. Our schedules are . I spend hours every day working social media staying in front of people. I’ve been guilty of pushing through posts without reading them through. Not always, but enough. Thanks for making me think about this.

  2. This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for making it easy for me to add another “manual” post to my social schedule! Can’t wait to share this with my Twitter followers.

    1. Thanks for being the inspiration of the article and waking me up from my “robotic” coma. Back to sharing like a human.

  3. I tend to add my smart ass comments when I re-post things. People need to know I have a twisted sense of humor!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. Adding your personality to it is what shows your personality and ultimately puts the “social” in social media.

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