Back to Basics: Months After Writer’s Block

cropped-464609_10102491539836091_1446164434_o.jpgFor a hot minute I was blogging about social media on Get Social With Patrick​ and then I got writer’s block.  I just got damn near frightful about what my next post was going to be. My inner critic saying things like — “what do you really know about social media other than hashtags, viral videos?”, “what makes you such an expert to tell people about social media?”… and other things have gone through my mind in the last couple of months.

So after worrying myself and fearing things, I think that I am going to get back into the driver’s seat and starting going along with what I planned — just writing about what I know, what I learn, what I learn along the way. I can’t promise that things won’t change and that I am the top-expert in my industry but I can try to spread the wealth of what I know, what I learn.

How’s that sound? So now, it’s your turn. I want to know what you want to know what you would like to hear me jab on about. Suggest some blog topics and I work on some blog posts. “Back to life, back to reality.”


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