Devin Mitchell Honors Veterans In More Than 1,000 Words

One of the photos from Devin Mitchell's
One of the photos from Devin Mitchell’s “Soldier Project” showcase.

As a child of two Marine Corp. parents, I find Veteran’s Day and other service related holidays a bit closer to the heart than most. To say that some people take their freedoms offered to them for granted would be understatement.

When we think of military personnel fighting the war on terrorism, fighting to sustain freedom, we forget about the sacrifices and the lives that they live when they care not rising call of duty. Photographer Devin Mitchell, who I can say I have had the pleasure of working with, has found a way to give back to the men and women that serve our nation each and everyday.

He has started the “Soldier Project” to showcase the double lives of military personnel. Each photo is strong and pulls on the heart strings for me. I think it’s the fine mix of strength and vulnerability of family and everyday liberties. It brings a sense of reality to the forefront.

Devin would like to get 10,000 photos and is nearly at 40 photos.  I encourage you to check out gallery here and bookmark it so you can watch the project grow. You can also follow the project on Instagram — @veteranvisionproject. I personally, would like to see some of these photos in art gallery or memorial sometime soon. It’s inspiring, excellent work with great meaning.

About Devin
Devin Mitchell is a noted photographer and photoshop illusionist extraordinaire among the print industry and social media communities.  His work, like many of his peers in his field, makes him one of the few photographers in the industry who delivers an experience beyond perception with each campaign from concept to execution. Follow Devin on Twitter & Instagram at @devinography.


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