Social Media, #ComingOut & Personal Thoughts

Happy National Coming Out Day! For those that are in the LGBTQA community, this is a day of pride of your sexual orientation. I want to say that some people find it a day to be brave and fight social stigma that they might be facing and find the moment to be proud.

20091016-01-comingoutday-web-630x449Opening the door

With social media I would say that it’s easier to burst that door wide open and shout with rainbow flags about you are proud of who you are. Before you open the door, take the time to take into consideration all the people that might be affected by it, like your family. Take a moment to discuss it with them, even if you think that they know. I know that it’s your business but you have to mind their feelings on what they might feel, say. You don’t want people to feel like they should have known before you let the world know.


How does one celebrate on social media National Coming Out Day? It’s up to you to decide how far that you want to go. You can start by putting up a status that says “I’m proud of who I am. Happy National Coming Out Day.” Don’t forget to use hashtags like #ComingOut on Facebook, Twitter.

On my personal Facebook page, I have a cover photo of my husband and I that says “Out and About — National Coming Out Day.” On Instagram, you can take a selfie and celebrate you.

celebrities-coming-out-2014Out Celebrities on social media

Social media gives us easier access to celebrate prideful moments with celebrity personalities like Lance Bass, Ricky Martin and others on National Coming Out Day. I feel like the next generation will be able to have to courage to say how they feel because they have easier access to their role models on social media.

Supporting Someone Coming Out

For someone coming out, they are looking for support by their family, friends and community. Be sure to be positive and encouraging of their coming out. It’s the best thing! It’s an amazing feeling to be loved and supported. Try not ask any questions that may create discomfort or seem unsupportive. There are many areas of the internet like PFLAG, where you can you can get educated on how to support someone that may come out to you as lesbian, gay, bisexual, question, transgender.

l (5)Personal Thoughts

If you’ve ever met me, I guess it’s not hard to tell that I am gay. Today I would like to celebrate myself and how I am how far that I have come. I believe that one day, no one will ask or come out when they decide to date certain people and will be able to marry whomever they decide.

Though coming out has made it easier for people, including me, there’s still the face-to-face factor that you have to work in. Personally, I have come out to most people except for a few family members because there is something that is holding me back — the rejection.

People always say that they will love you no matter who you are and what you decide to do with your life, but I have witnessed some rejection from people that I know and even though they know that I am the same person, they still find a way to make me feel like I am someone different, or not talk to me as much as they used to. I hope that one day I break down that personal wall and be proud of who I am and not feel like I am ashamed of how they will treat me.


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  1. GayLifeZA says:

    Good post. I really hope it gets easier for people to come out, as it is really a weight off the shoulders.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that. I hope that soon we will just be able to be who we are with no questions asked. Just people.

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