How to Use Social Media to Be More Romantic

iStock_000026274254XSmallWith the hustle and the rushing around, the world we live in is sometime non-stop. Moments so dear and true and be overlooked by deadlines, endless meetings day after day and so much more. With all of that’s going on, sometime you can forget to be there for your family, friends and even significant others. Even right now, as I type this I am making a time sacrifice to sit down and spend time with a computer than my partner. I have thought of some ways to use technology and social media to “enhance” your romantic efforts and show some love.

  1. Love: there’s an app for that. There are so many apps to help us be productive, not to forget things, shopping list… and yes even love. My partner and I use an app called Couple. It’s a free app that you can add important dates like anniversaries, birthdays and other important milestones. The app gives you a nice reminder about these important days, in case you forget. It’s happened to us sometime or another. Other great functions about this app is that you can write a quick note to your love that is just between you and them. You can send little flirty emoticons. You can even draw together when you are not together or miles apart. You can also use the app to Facetime and so much more. It’s available in the App Store.
  2. Text it. During a busy day there might be those moments when you are extremely busy but think about your partner and want to say that I was thinking of you. With a simple text, it’s great to say “Running into another marathon meeting, I love you and was thinking of you.” That one is simple and even if you don’t have time to talk you can always look forward to a response back.
  3. Facebook GiftsFacebook has this amazing tool where you can send someone a gift for their birthday or any occasion (remember like when you forget your anniversary). You can simply click “send a gift” to your significant others profile and they will receive it instantly after you’ve purchased the gift card item for them. It’s pretty awesome. Be sure to send something loving and enduring in the message. Also, on Facebook don’t forget about messenger options as well.
  4. Pinning is winning… love? In my mind Pinterest is one of those things social media networks that has helped us find many different ways to communicate, find recipes, set up our weddings and so much more. Search Pinterest to come up with creative romantic dinners, romantic vacation getaways and so much more. Find ways to send love letters. You get the point. I don’t want to ramble about how awesome Pinterest is.
  5. Log Off. Take time off. Take the time to spend with your significant other. Yes, time is money. Every moment you spend together is just priceless. Use the tips above and find at least a couple hours to spend with them. Trust me you’ll enjoy it and never regret it. Once you are in this time together you both turn off your mobile devices, tablets and laptops. Watch a movie, go to dinner at that restaurant you always wanted to go to.

Those are some of the tips that I came up with. What are some ways to use social media to be more romantic?


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