The Simplest Way to Make the Best of Social Media

social-mediaSo have heard over and over about the world wide networks of social media. Your friends are writing on walls and liking their post on Facebook. They might also be tweeting or retweets and get favorites from their followers. You’ve heard about them being watched by subscribers on YouTube. It all can be confusing at first if you aren’t too familiar or just plain scared that you might be eaten up by the social media monsters that populate these social media networks.

I guess it could get overwhelming knowing Facebook has over 1.23 billion users, Twitter with 255 million monthly users and over 1 billion unique users for YouTube.

Is it safe to say that one day, today, you will join one of these networks and let the world hear your voice? Well, I can’t promise that the first post, tweet or video will go viral. I can do my best to guide you in the right direction to make the best of your experience.

1. Claim Your Spot

Whether you are starting a social profile for yourself or your business, be sure to claim your name on social media before someone claims them. Don’t let someone get in the game using your name before you do. I definitely want you to avoid the feeling of disappointment when you see  “username is already taken” on the screen.

2. Who are You?

So you’ve signed up for a profile on the social network of your choice, now what? Add a photo to the profile that best represents you or your business. If it’s for your business, you can post a logo or feature employees. Be sure to complete your profile giving details that people would like to know about you or your business. In your profile bio is a great place to let people a little bit about you and what you might specialize in. Be careful not to give out personal information. Remember to keep it professional and understandable, even on personal profiles.

3. Who’s there?

After creating and designing an amazing profile, it’s time to start building your network and letting people know that you have joined the social circle with billions of people. You don’t need to look for all of them, you might just need to start with family, friends and people you want to network with. Most of these sites have search features that make it easy for you to find people using the search bar, using your email contact list or other social networks that you might already be apart of.

4. Say Something

Once you have connected with your network of friends, family and co-workers, it’s time to start engaging in their posts, photo galleries and more. If you see something that is of value, you definitely should share it. Talk with relatives, customers and more that you have or haven’t been in contact with. Have fun, but as with every good thing in moderation. Don’t post anything that you will later regret showing to a loved one or future employer. Remember to keep all personal information (phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) of the profile for your safety.

5. Manners, manners and… uh manners. 

Social media is open for people to see what you are up to and what your are doing. Be sure to keep your language clean. When posting, remember your manners. It can be just as harmful to say things, if not worse, on social media that you don’t mean. Don’t get marked as a social bully. It’s not cool or fun. Some states, have some intense laws about harassment via social media. Keep your “dirty laundry” off the internet as well. You never know who might stumble upon what you’ve written about someone and hurt someone.

What would you tip would you add to this list?


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