Let’s Talk: Intro

cropped-464609_10102491539836091_1446164434_o.jpgMy name is Patrick Jervis, Jr. I am currently a web and graphic designer in the East Valley of the Phoenix Metropolian area.

I have been doing web and graphic design officially since 2007 and I have loved the work that I do to communicate what other want to say with digital art and expression.

I started this blog, yesterday, because I get a lot of questions about the line of work that I do. Whether it’s a new website, social media site for a company or a flyer for a community event. I would love to share some things that I learn on my journey and continue to grow.

So I guess, my first tip for those reading this is to always be learning something new and share it. You might get an alternative way of doing or maybe a way to improve it, something that works better for someone else. Now, I am make no guarantees that everything will work. Just as I am learning with you, you will have to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe make a blog about your journey through web, social and graphic design.

I would love to answer any questions/concerns that you have about web, social media, graphic design and other branding essentials. Share this with your friends and family and have them comment below. I’d love to start answering questions today!

Until we chat again,


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